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Sets of automatics

Set of automatics by "Innovative Solutions" is a controller for those equipment manufacturers who tend to raise competitiveness of their products and optimize costs. Set of automatics is based on ПР200 (timer) produced by “Oven” company and Weintek operator's panel (display) that allow to maintain and monitor technological process in real time. Different types of temperature sensors can be connected to the controller, such as: NTC 10kOm, copper (50 and 100M) and platinum  (50 and 100 Pt) expanding range of use. Also, there is and additional option to connect it to the existing network by 485 interface.

Our sets of automatics are successfully used for more than 5 years in dairy industry: vat pasteurizer, creamery and milk cooler. This confirms its safety and versatility for different types of equipment.

Our set is programmed for certain equipment types and allows to shorten assemble and adjustment time as well as to minimize production cost, so that there is no need to buy control cabinet and develop a customized software. Ease of maintenance, components accessibility and possibility of remote program update make our set of automatics a perfect option for those producers who strive for innovations and markets.

To facilitate the integration of our set into your equipment we offer a complex support and advisory at all stages – from the selection to adjustment and launch. This allows you to make profit of our solutions and concentrate on development of your equipment instead of studying novelties of automated process control system.

If you aim for competitiveness of your equipment don’t miss the chance to improve it using our set of automatics. Contact us today to know more how our sets can be integrated into your equipment and be of benefit.  

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