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About us

"Innovative solutions" develops automatic process control systems since 2018.

Since that time, we have grown fourfold. At the beginning we were four, assembling 48 control cabinets per year. In 2024 our team has 14 specialists: in 6 years of work, we assembled more than 580 control cabinets and delivered more than 1000 sets of automatics to different regions of Russia. Our turnover has grown to 340 million rubles.

With growth of experience, we didn’t lose the determination and agility of a young company to respond rapidly and solve impossible tasks. We just understand better the client’s needs and make less mistakes.

We develop software, assemble control cabinets, deliver equipment and accessories – all the necessary for production automation to improve product quality and provide benefits.

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years of experience and growth


skilled professionals


mln rubles turnover


assembled control cabinets


sets of automatics

How we work

Our office and production facilities are located in Izhevsk. Meanwhile our clients are all over Russia and we are ready to work with clients from CIS countries. Due to geographical location, we can cut the production costs and reduce the final price of control cabinets.

We have simplified and automatized service maintenance, so 94% of all questions we resolve remotely. We update the firmware, troubleshoot, advice – wherever the client might be. At the first meeting with customers, we provide detailed photos and videos of our production.


We can offer an individual solution according to application tasks or organize production and deliver serial equipment.


Our production is the assurance of uninterrupted operation of the equipment that provide you benefits.

Service maintenance

Fast, convenient and flexible service maintenance. 94% of all the tasks we solve remotely – adjust and upgrade software even without your participation.

Our advantages


Effective engineering solutions

Proved engineering solutions that guarantee production efficiency improvement: reduce scrap and manual tasks, economy of supplies.


In-house production

Short terms of order processing: from 4 days and possibility of delivery all over Russia.


Qualified engineers

The group of highly-qualified engineers and technical specialists experienced in implementation of automation solution for more than 5 years.


Competent communication

An expert-level communication: we use technical language in our communication with the client’s representative.


Reasonable project budget

The project budget can be adjusted due to large network of equipment providers and special conditions of delivery as a key partner.

We will automatize your equipment, so the maintenance staff couldn’t have a chance to break the technological process!

Calculation in 1 day

Get a calculation of equipment automation solution in one day. Leave a request and our specialists will contact you soon!

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