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Pump assembly control cabinet

The implementation of this solution allows to fit pump operation to flow characteristic of the system to achieve maximum energy efficiency.


  • industrial building construction;

  • apartment complex construction;

  • cold and hot water supply in housing and utilities sector;

  • farm households;

  • industrial enterprises;

  • water service companies.

Operating regime:
automatic, semiautomatic, manual, remote
Type of control:
PLC and operator's panel, relay control
Pump capacity:
from 0.4 to 350 kW
Number of pumps:
from 1 to 8 units
Pump supply voltage:
380 V
Pump connection:
contactor, slow starter, frequency converter
Ethernet, GSM
Protection grade:
IP31, IP54
Working temperature:
-45...+50 °С
Climate version:
moderately cold climate 1 and moderately cold climate 4

Technical specifications

Main functions:

  • power saving – sleep mode;

  • control of continued operation of the pumping unit;

  • soft start and stop to avoid  hydraulic impact;

  • automatic control of set pressure and connection of reserve pump according to water draw-off and set pressure;

  • pump change in case of failure or working pump;

  • automatic start of equipment after emergency situations, recovery of feed voltage or water supply;

  • automatic time alternation of pump operation;

  • manual block option for one of the pump during technical maintenance;

  • operation, emergency, system pressure indication.

Protective functions:

  • from dry running;

  • from overcurrent;

  • from short circuit, interruption and phase unbalance;

  • from short to earth;

  • manual mode (bypass governing mode);

  • ventilation in cabinet – protection of frequency converter from overheating.

Additional functions:

  • version with automatic transfer circuit-breaker function for supply;

  • cabinet heating for outdoor usage;

  • "permission for work" signal – remote control of pump station of upper level;

  • control option for valves, dampers or seals with electric drive;

  • control cabinet can be equipped with operator touch-pad for technological process visualization.

Operating procedure:

IR-SHUN pump control cabinet has two control modes – manual and automatic. Control mode is selected by switching the mode selector to the required position.In manual mode the pump control is performed from the front panel of the cabinet with buttons "Start" / "Stop" of the respective pump, status indication is displayed.In automatic mode – from signals of external sensors.

Operational principle of the cabinet is based on cascade control diagram, from the signal of feedback sensor (pressure, flow rate, temperature, level, pressure fall, etc.).

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Launch of production line for dry construction materials

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