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Launch of butter preparation line

In February, 2020 together with MolTechnoProject company we launched a butter preparation line in Kotlas city.

Launch of butter preparation line

The line comprises two sections:

  • whole milk pasteurization
  • cream pasteurization

Whole milk is delivered into milk pasteurization unit where cream is separated and  skim milk is pasteurized.

The cream for pasteurization is taken from whole milk or  melted ream (frozen cream is melted in a special bath). After that, the cream is pasteurized and is delivered to separator to increase fat status. When the cream reaches the necessary fat status it is cooled and whipped until the butter is ready.

A single-circuit clean in place was mounted for line cleaning.

Our company manufactured the following cabinets:

  • control cabinet for 2 pasteurization-cooling units
  • single-circuit clean in place control cabinet
  • process vessel control cabinet

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