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Set of automatics for milk taxi – IR-MT-24-P


  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • food industry.
Diagonal size of console screen 4 inches
Console screen type and lighting: LED, TFT
Number of connected temperature sensors: 2 pcs, product and jacket
Type of connected temperature sensors: NTC 10 kOm 3950, PT1000
Limits of main given error: ±0,5
Temperature maintenance method: two-level control or PID control
Type of output devices: electromagnetic relay (НО or НЗ, 5 А at ~250V)
Number of discrete inputs: 8
Discrete input voltage: 24 VDC
Number of discrete outputs in additional equipment control: 8
Console protection grade: IP65
Protection grade of other system devices: IP20
Set of automatics voltage: 24 VDC

Work conditions:
Environmental temperature:  
0...+55 °С
Relative humidity:
without aggressive agents and conductive parts

Technical specifications

Main functions:

  • main screen configuration depending on necessary functions without participation of programmers (screen can display only one heating icon or all at once – washing, heating, dispensing, taxi drive control);
  • delayed start;pasteurization;
  • milk warming;
  • calf milk replacer warming;
  • filling;
  • feeding;
  • washing;
  • indication of battery charge;
  • control of sensors working capacity;
  • control of operation units;
  • event logging (up to 30 days);
  • alarm logging (up to 30 days);
  • service hours count (of mixer, heating elements, electromagnetic valves).

Protective functions:

  • cutoff of activated mode in case of emergency alarm;
  • protection of heating elements from blowing;
  • protection of mixer from overloads and emergency alarm;
  • protection from liquid boiling-off in the jacket.

Additional functions:

  • operator’s notification of product temperature decrease during dispensing;
  • creation of formulas of dispensing and feeding temperature (up to 5);
  • limitation of mixer maximum rotation speed;
  • taxi drive control, permission for forward-rearward movement;
  • current voltage indication;
  • control for water presence in the jacket;
  • product availability control;
  • selection of temperature sensor type NTC 10k or PT1000.

Operating procedure

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